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Over 1,400 Students & Counting...

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When you enroll in the Become an Outdoor Backpacking Badass® Program you instantly join me, Allison, and one badass community of women (over 1,400 badasses & counting) on a transformational adventure to becoming a safe, confident, & self-sufficient outdoor backpacker. 


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"I would recommend this program to anyone who is trying to keep a promise to themselves to get out and go backpacking."


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"It has been so great to learn everything in one place instead of figuring out what classes I needed to take and where, and I could do it in my spare time, and I have kids, and I have zero extra time. But I could do this class whenever I wanted.”


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"The program helped me feel confident to backpack on my own, especially in the area of navigation."

This is a One-of-a-Kind Backpacking Coaching Program

In as little as 30 days, I will teach you how to go on any outdoor backpacking adventure with absolute confidence that you won’t get lost, that you’ll be equipped to handle any unforeseen scenario that comes your way, and you’ll have the essential skills, tools, and know-how in order to stay safe, calm, and have an amazing adventure every single time you step foot into the backcountry. #likeabadass

Plus, you get LIFETIME access to all the trainings & the Backpacking Badass Private Student Community for continual support, mentorship, & coaching along your journey.

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